Building Management Service

Wesclean is a leader in helping Building Service Contractors simplify their work and improve their efficiency cleaning commercial, industrial and retail facilities. Our cleaning chemicals, dilution systems, floor-care equipment and support services ensure that the cleaning contractor will deliver a high-quality result at a low cost.

Wesclean provides Building Service Contractors:

  • The largest distribution of floor care, carpet care and hard-surface cleaning and disinfecting solutions
  • Quality products that perform well for all levels of experience
  • Specific BSC training programs that are flexible and deliver training whenever and wherever you need it
  • A range of environmentally recognized products from Green Wave
  • A comprehensive approach to green cleaning, including training, procedures, and purchasing guidelines.
  • Safety programs, such as Slip Fall Accident Prevention, which manage your and your client's risk and reduce worker's compensation claims.
  • Trained and experienced sales and support professionals with a high level of knowledge and expertise in all aspects of cleaning, ensuring the right products and processes are used.
  • The "bundling" of all products necessary to manage a successful, profitable contact including cleaning chemicals, equipment, cleaning tools, accessories and paper products.