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Wesclean Regard Line Catalogue

Wesclean Regard Line Catalogue

This Catalogue offers to our customers a huge variety of products according to their use and characteristics, such as:

        * Bowl and Washroom Cleaners             * Garbage Bags                                                                             * Car and Truck Cleaning                        * General Cleaning/Disinfection
        * Carpet Care                                          * Hand, Skin and Hair Care
        * Disinfectants                                         * Ice Melter
        * Diswashing                                           * Laundry
        * Dust Mopping and Dust Cleaning         * Odor and Drain Control                                                                * Floor & Hard Surface Cleaners & Degreasers    * Oven and Grill Cleaning                                                 * Floor Care (Floor Finish and Restore)   * Regard Paper                                                                             * Floor Care (Floor Pads)                         * Special Cleaning                                                                         * Floor Care (Floor Strippers)                   * Windows and Glas Cleaning

These products offer the consumer the superior result, efficiency and versatility they expect from Regard. With the inclusion of this new range of products, Regard is able to provide our customers with the diverse and comprehensive floor care system they deserve.

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Product Catalogue 2015-2016

Product Catalogue 2015-2016

The Product Catalogue 2015-2016 with more than 20,000 different products, we have summarized the top most popular products (not including chemicals or equipment) in this Product Catalogue.

Sapphire Scientific

Sapphire Scientific

The Sapphire Scientific System is a totally new, fully-integrated carpet and hard surface cleaning system that powers out dirt and soil in a broad range of conditions. Formulated by long-time industry experts, Sapphire's full range of chemicals and truckmount vacuums, extractors, and hard surface machines help to ensure carpets are left brilliantly clean, and hard surfaces radiant!

Sapphire Truckmount Systems

Truckmounts that excel in portability and performance.
Sapphire's full range of truckmounted carpet and hard surface ma¬chines are sure to meet all of your cleaning needs. Whether you require a strong vacuum, the best fuel efficiency, a space-saving pro¬file, thermostatic heat control, or incredible durability, the Sapphire truckmount range offers the flexibility and performance professional cleaners need to get the job done quickly and thoroughly.

Sapphire Hard Surface Care

Sapphire offers a number of Hard Surface machines like the 2500HS Premier Hard Surface Truckmount. Finally, a truckmount that deliv¬ers the flow and heated pressure you need to rapidly clean tile, grout, stone, concrete and more. Plus, the unit offers true versatility: used as a powerful carpet cleaning truckmount, or for restoration extraction and cleanup. The 2500HS gives you the edge over unheated units, plus delivers more vacuum, more solution pressure, and a faster, deeper clean.

Sapphire Cleaning System

The clean is in the system.
Sapphire meets all the needs of hard surface cleaning with a com¬plete line of hard surface and carpet chemical cleaners. Sapphire's fully-integrated chemical systems power out dirt and soil in carpets, upholstery, and hard surfaces. Designed to simplify the cleaning process, Sapphire's system lets you tackle even the most challenging cleaning situations in a fast and cost-efficient way.

Regard Eco-Melt

Regard Eco-melt

The Natural Choice for your ice melting needs.
Regard Eco-melt is the alternative to regular ice melting products. Regard provides performance while minimizing environmental impact on the surrounding vegetation. Our unique organic additive coats every particle. It allows Regard All Natural Ice Melter to melt away snow and ice faster and at lower temperatures for increased safety to pedestrians. Regard Eco-melt melts ice down to -22C (-11F). This additive also acts as a corrosion inhibitor to reduce metal fatigue.

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