Floor Care

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Floor Type & Basic Care

This manual contains information on the basic care of all types of floors. Basic care methods on floors such as: asphalt tile, rubber, vinyl, linoleum, mastic, cork, wood, tile, marble, magnesite, terrazzo, concrete, and asbestos flooring.

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 Floor Finishing

This manual contains information on floor finishing, applying floor finish, low gloss floor finish, the Regard floor care system and the Pioneer floor care system.

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 Keys to a Successful Floor Care Program

This manual contains information on maintenance requirements (daily maintenance requirements, periodic scheduled maintenance, light and/or deep scrubbing and stripping cycle), the do's and don'ts of floor care and management support.


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 How to Select a Resilient Floor Care System

This manual contains information on common resilient floor strippers, sealers, cleaners, restorers, equipment, pads & matting and FAQs on selecting a resilient floor care system.


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 Floor Care Troubleshooting

This manual contains probable cause to floor care challenges as well as solutions for common floor care challenges.

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 Floor Stripping

This manual contains information on the preparation, safe procedures, and technique of floor finishing.

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 Spray Buffing & Burnishing

This manual contains information on spray buffing & burnishing, speed comparisons, spray buffing procedure, and high speed burnishing procedure.

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This manual contains information on how to maintain your mop (pointers, mopping solutions, etc.), and damp and wet mop procedures & clean-up.

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Mop Care

This manual contains information and tips on how to properly care for wet mops, as well as dust mops.

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Dust Mopping

This manual contains information on why you should dust mop, pointers, treatments, and clean up for dust mopping.

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 Floor Pad Basics

This manual contains information on why floor pads can replace brushes on low-speed equipment, the different uses for different coloured pads, buffer performance, and pad maintenance.

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 Dilution Control

This manual contains information on the effects of too much or too little concentrate, the standard dilution table, and tips on dilution control.