Low Gloss Floor Finish for Health Care Facilities

Is Cleanliness Next to Glossiness?

Floors can set the initial impression a visitor has of a building, the quality of that business and the pride for that facility. The floor is the main surface in a facility and it will take constant abuse with hundreds and thousands of feet each and every day. In addition to this, abuse from changing weather conditions, dirt and grime carried inside on the soles of shoes, carts with wheels pulled across floors are a challenge to deal with as well.

Beautiful floors are a result of proper selection and application of high quality floor care products coupled with regular maintenance using proper procedures. But what happens when you NEED CLEAN FLOORS THAT ARE NOT GLOSSY!

High-gloss floors can present problems for the administrators and residents of many buildings, especially healthcare facilities. High-gloss finishes can cause facility residents and patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, multi-infarct dementia, senile dementia and other dementia to experience dizziness and depth-perception problems. To these folks, the floor can appear wet or look slippery.

Application and maintenance differs for high-gloss and no-glare low-gloss finishes. When you apply Prevent, you get a flat no-glare floor! It is not a high-gloss wet looking floor. You may even see some mop application marks. A lot less then the competition's no-glare finishes. Some manufacturers use silica in their finish to decrease gloss. Silica (sand) must be distributed evenly in the finish to achieve a no-glare non streaked finish. Silica tends to fall out (you can't fight gravity) of the finish to the bottom of the pail. You have to keep it mixed (We don't use silica in Prevent to decrease the gloss). The customer won't see the shinny scuffs in Prevent as you do in the competitive no-glare products.

Prevent will outwear the competition by not leaving shinny scuffs and it provides excellent durability so you won't have to scrub and recoat as often. Prevent is truly a low maintenance finish. No spray buffing and / or burnishing. Just scrub and recoat!! A true low maintenance no-glare finish. Don't be afraid to use Prevent. Go out and corner that market!