Institutional Sanitation Organization (ISO)

Combination of three regional market leaders in cleaning supplies, service and distribution: Swish Maintenance, Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene and Larose & Fils Limited. With their wide ranging abilities, broad market knowledge and numerous outlets, these three firms give ISO the capability to service any and all national accounts coast to coast.

Through the extensive promotion of the Total Cleaning Supplies Systems, ISO provides the following to Canadian national operations

  • Exemplary services and products, resulting in easier, faster and longer lasting results
  • Setting new industry standards for quality, simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Products which are safer for people, properties and the environment
  • Meaningful opportunities to:
    • Decrease expenses
    • Increase profits
    • Increase value in the purchase of cleaning supplies and equipment
    • Increase cleanliness and enhance image to patrons, thereby helping to increase sales and increase competitive advantage
  • Access to unmatched expertise and solutions to unique or complex problems

ISO Mission Statement

We are the leading Canadian national distributor of systems of products and services to clean and protect assets for particular customers desiring value over price. We do not want to just satisfy customers, but to delight them and provide long term value by being better, faster, easier, safer and longer lasting.

Professional Associations

Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene is committed to ongoing training and education. We are proud members of ISSA, CSSA, BOMA, local Chambers of Commerce and many more organizations. So we stay informed and can pass this information on to you to help you do your job more efficiently and effectively.

Member of PICS